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  1. I've tried a bunch and have found two that are easy to coil and have excellent capacitance.


    Lava Cable - Magma: 20 foot - 29.5 pF/ft. cap - Made in USA - about $30-35.


    D'Addario/Planet Waves - American Stage: 20 foot - 28.5 pF/ft. cap - Made in USA - about $25-30.


    I agree with some posters here that the fabric covered ones tangle easier and they are a PIA to coil.

    I own two Spectraflex, and they perform well, but pretty is not a necessity and it doesn't make your

    music any better. They look real good but the only ones who will see it on stage are the other

    musicians and the techs.


    Here is a nice comparison chart to look at: Audio Cables Compared

    Gets you thinking about the hoopla surrounding cables and getting what you pay for...


    Good luck on your hunt. You will learn a lot of useful information on the journey...

  2. Agree with JAC. This could be an early 2008 IF they started produciton in 2007. So...

    call or e-mail Gibson and ask when production actually started on the 2008 Standard.


    I do remember one difference from the early 2008 and the later 2008s. The early 2008's had

    custom made gold-plated Bourns-designed pots. For reference my 2008, built in February 2009,

    does have the gold-plated Bourns. Not exactly sure when Gibson decided to replace the pots.


    I believe it was in the year 2010 that the gold-plated pots were replaced with more common pots.

    Again, another question to ask Gibson support.


    Ah, love a good mystery.


    You may have an older Standard. Which could be cool. Keep us updated.

  3. Yes, have a "2008" LP Standard. Lovely guitar with a sweet sound. I have no

    problem with the chambering aspect or the asymmetrical neck. It sounds good

    through my Fender XD or my Blackstar HT-5R combos. It has a wonderful feel to it.


    This '08 was built in February of 2009 and weighs 7.36 pounds (3.34kg)

  4. Leisurely morning with breakfast and the Sunday newspaper.


    After lunch walked to the park, smoked a cigar while doing crossword puzzles

    and enjoyed the 70 degree weather. Watched the world go by.


    After lunch played my Gibson ES-339 for about an hour.


    In the late afternoon got my taxes ready for the accountant.


    After dinner played video games with my son.


    Now I am here finishing up the day. Thanks for asking.


    Make it a nice week everyone...

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