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  1. You might check (or a luthier check) to see if your saddle is still seated with full contact to the bridge....as tops raise and bridge and saddle deform, it may cause this. Also check to see if the slots in your nut are too deep or too wide for the actual string. Lastly, check to see if there are any loose braces....these can all cause that harmonic or ringing sound.


    yes, good points! reason i was leaning towards saddle issue is the two strings that are the main culprits are the two on they "compensated" saddle portion...it's not a straight across saddle; it's one that has that section that's king or dropped/angled a bit. hmmm...

  2. Hard to figure exactly what's happening from your description.... When say you are "muting" the strings, how are you muting the strings? Palm mute at the saddle? It could be that the point you contact the strings with the palm is at a harmonic node. Geez I dunno..........




    yup, palm mute at saddle, as i've often done over the years, but this annoying harmonic stuff is a new development. never had the issue before with muting.

  3. hello....so i was wondering if you have any theories on this one. my lefty J-50 is going on 9 years old or so now...never had any issues, but i realized recently when MUTING the strings and playing some lead bits up the neck around the 9th/10/11/12th frets there is a strong harmonic effect when any string is plucked on the B and G strings, the moment any of them are fretted. even the lightest touch causes a harmonic ring on any fret past the 9th. i took it in for adjustment, and it seemed to be taken care of but not three days later the harmonics are back. ANY ideas what's up? should i look into a new saddle, maybe? [crying]

  4. Hey folks, good news!...


    After a chat with Jeremy Morton at Gibson (Montana), he is happy to send me a set of new un-aged tuners to replace the ones on my SJ. I dont have to send the guitar to Holland (or Montana!), I can just swap the tuners over & send the old ones back to him... So I get to keep my guitar here! :) Im sure I can put up with it for a bit longer til they arrive.


    Full marks to Jeremy for sorting this... top bloke! Nice to see the big companies do care about addressing issues. My faith is restored! ;)



    FANTASTIC!! great resolution to the problem!

  5. Yes, truly a great, if expected, loss. He was a great performer. I had the pleasure of seeing him play (he must've been ninety-three) and was amazed at his dexterity on his little red Gibson. I had been in San Francisco for a friend's wedding, and happened to glance at a paper while I was there. Honeyboy was not only playing that night, but was walking distance from my hotel! $17.00 later I had my ticket to Delta blues heaven.


    He gave a great show and was kind enough to sit onstage and indulge his fan's questions after the gig. He was the most vibrant, lucid 90+ year old, and could easily have passed for a man in his 70's. Anyway, I thanked him for his time, we hook hands and I now have a Library of Congress cd of his material signed by the man himself as a treasured souvenir of that memorable night.

  6. Yes, I think these are great strings. None of that shrill brightness that you get with some new strings, and long lasting too. I use the PB set on my Southern Jumbo and to my ear they are a perfect fit. I hope to try their 80/20 set sometime soon.



    cool. i do believe i will give them a try next string change!

  7. I built a couple mandolins a few years back and they were recommended to me. I ordered a couple sets and they were (and are) the only strings that have been on either mandolin. They sound great and hold tune.


    yeah, i noticed they make all sorts of strings. they even have custom packaged sets on the pickofthericks Rickenbacker parts site.

  8. She's in for a neck re-set right now, but I'm trying some Elixir nanoweb 10's. I don't normally play coated strings, but this one isn't going to get much use unless I'm trying to do a McGuinn thing, so I thought these might last longer sitting in the case. 9's are awfully slinky for me: I'm a bit ham-handed. I'm used to 12's on my regular Gibson flat top ('48 J-45,), and 10's (Vintage re-issue pure nickels) on my regular '59 ES 335 Nashville.


    ahh, cool...yeah, it's a little squirrelly with 9's---will def switch back to 10's. so the thicker the guage, the better to counteract a heavy fretting hand?

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