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  1. Just bought a new Gibson L5 Wes. Amazing! Anyhow, I was wondering if I needed to get serious about the humidity level in my music room. House has forced air heat with a built in humidifier (although I really don't know how efficient it is). I was going to buy a humidifier at my local Lowes and maybe a humidity reader (so I know what the exact level is %). Is this over-kill? What humidity level is best?

    Is the guitar humidifier (inserted into the f hole) adequate protection? BTW I live in Western PA.


    your fello Pennsylvanian here... I recommend keeping the room around 40-50%... too much humidity bad, too little humidity bad...


    good luck

  2. I bought mine before they switched too the 496R/498T combo... I didn't like either pickup, especially the bridge which wasn't even floyd spaced and I felt it lacked sustain SO


    I've completed the following mods to mine:

    -Replaced both pickups with Seymour Duncan ProShop Full Shred SH-10n and TB-10b

    -Added BIG BLOCK from Floyd Rose Upgrades

    -Added stopper from Floyd Rose Upgrades

    -Replaced volume pots with RS Guitarworks SuperPots


    It is a monster tone machine now and I couldn't be happier.

  3. Not happy with the relatively low output and noisy burstbuckers 1 & 2, plus the fact that the bridge bucker was not trem spaced I installed a Seymour Duncan Full Shred SH-10 in the neck and a TB-10 in the bridge... awesome. Don't let the pickup name fool you, these are moderate output alnico 5 buckers and they rock. I would also recommend a burstbucker pro set, but again there is no trem spaced bridge bucker.


    Also, installed a big block and tremolo stopper from www.floydupgrades.com... WOW, what a difference!



    yours is the GC version. right?


    Yes, it is the Guitar Center exclusive model... On the COA it has an "F" after the 68 Custom; was told this is how to tell GC model from the others. I don't know for sure, but I told the sales guy it's probably most likely because it has a flame top vs. something else. He looked at me in aw.


    Anyways I got it dirt cheap so am looking for another one.


    This is my dream guitar, I just wish is had a deep quilted top; so that's what I am after now.

  5. I've had mine for about a month now. Personally' date=' I'm pretty happy with it. I like the floyd and I think it is a fun curio. Is it worth the money.....well yes and no. I got mine for about $2600 which is respectable. There's no way on this earth I would buck up MSRP $3500. No f'in way! I usually play this for 25 minutes and then go right back to my PRS Tremonti, which is a much better singlecut trem style guitar, in my opinion.[/quote']


    it's funny you mentioned the PRS Tremonti... that was actually going to be my next purchase, but chose to get the Axcess first then the PRS... I still plan on getting a Tremonti.

  6. Also, I forgot to add: the back is not a solid piece, it 's two... and the top is not bookmatched...


    Both of these things may or may not be an issue, but it should at least be mentioned.


    Also, this guitar does not sound like my other burstbucker pauls, it 's much brighter, and open sounding, and leans to the 335 territory. Not a bad thing, just differen't.

  7. Well I finally broke down and got one... Ice tea.


    PROS: It plays awesome, sounds great etc. just some minor tweaking to the neck and pup height. Perfect finish. Can't wait for a custom version.


    I am very happy with the axe... BUT...


    CONS: non-floyd spaced bridge pup, so the poles don't line up, which is anoying. Also the poles were not radiused either, so that took some bench time. Stiff controls and bell knobs together with the floyd bar is problematic; am going to switch to amber speed knobs. Non-covered pups.




    Les Paul GT wiring; would be nice to have independent volumes and separate coil taps.


    I really wish the pickups were covered; especially with the floyd. There is a reason Dimebag and whatnot tape their neck pickups... so the strings don't get caught in the pups and damage the pickup, especially the neck.


    Full body depth and no weight relief/tone chambers should be offered... A paul should feel like a paul, know what I mean?




    Custom Model


    Speed knobs


    Strap locks


    we have done a few recently in fire tiger (a deep trans red) and iguana burst (green). these may become regular colors at some time' date=' but for now the only 2 official colors are iced tea and GMG.[/quote']


    This is why I am waiting...


    I would still like to pick up a custom model though.

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