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  1. +1. I've got a few Epi LP's and love them. Great guitar value, well-made. They always seem to sound good.
  2. +1. Epiphone makes a lot of Limited Editions, which are targeted for certain big chains, and not listed on their website. I changed out the stock bridge in my P-93 for a roller bridge (from StewMac) and upgraded the PU's, although the stock P-90's weren't bad.
  3. PAFs usually work best in LP's. Seymour Duncan makes some of the best ('59, PG, Seth, A2P). I would not go with a hot ceramic PU in the bridge slot, especially for classic rock and blues (which is what I play). Nor would I use a JB, as they are very hit-or-miss in mahogany; lots of guys have had bad experiences with that (JB's were made for brighter woods, and are much more reliable in those). Check the Duncan site for wiring diagrams.
  4. Wow. Beautiful guitar. Has the mid '50's LPC look. Did you guys know that you can swap magnets in P-90's (each has two magnets in it), and mix and match any two magnets? In my bridge P-90's I use: A8/A5, A8/A4, UOA5/UOA5, and A4/A4 to get more mids and tame the treble. In a neck P-90, I'll use an A5/A4 if I need to thicken up the tone, or an A5/A3 to brighten it. BTW, P-94's, like most P-90's, have twin A5's, which have lots of treble and bass, and scooped mids. That's usually great in the neck, but too bright and thin for me in the bridge. I like more mids and muscle.
  5. It seemed that way to me too, but you can't tell by looking at a push-push whether it's in HB or coil cut mode, which can be confusing on stage. Also, I've heard push-pushes don't hold up well and wear out much quicker than push-pulls.
  6. No. It'll cost a lot less than that to do everything. But you'll have to find someone who can do the rewiring if you can't do it youself. I had a luthier cut out the hole for around $25, and did the wiring myself, which was more complicated than what you want. Have you thought about upgrading PU's? It's the biggest thing you can do to improve your guitar's sound. Epi HB's have single leads, so you can't do coil cuts with them, and they're buried in wax, like a bar of soap, which doesn't help the tone any. I'd recommend getting used Seymour Duncan PAF's (not cheapo 'Duncan Designed'). Yo
  7. +1. Absolutely. What's the motivation? Looks or sound variety? I love the look of a Black Beauty LP and SG Custom, but all you add is expense and weight, and have little room left to pick the strings. Sound-wise, you get more variety from a HH Les Paul with the 4 push-pull Jimmy Page system (which I put in some LP's and 335's). I added a middle HB to a couple guitars. I regretted it shortly after I did it. Middle HB's are notorious for their poor quality tones. Something to do with the positioning under the string nodes and all those coils crammed together, makes for a crappy tone. T
  8. With the anniversary of the Les Paul coming up next year, is Epiphone going to have a limited edition '52 Gold Top, with a trapeze tailpiece and P-90's? I'm not a big fan of gold guitars, but I'd make an exception for that one. Anybody heard anything?
  9. Most of the Dots I've seen have (light-colored) maple necks. A few have (dark) mahogany necks, which I prefer; I just don't see them nearly as often. Maybe the latest production is all mahogany necks, but most of the other stuff wasn't.
  10. I'd like to see this 345 with a trapeze tailpiece instead of a big, heavy Bigsby.
  11. I bought a Dot Royale. A Sheraton wouldn't be any different except for bigger fret inlays, which isn't enough to justify another Royale model. Why not get a Dot Royale?
  12. I've changed PU's on several dozen F hole guitars; I always take the pots out thru the F holes. It's not hard, in spite of what anyone says. Set the guitar on a stable surface with good lighting, and put a towel on the guitar to set the parts on. Use a wash cloth to pull up the 4 knobs (that way you won't crack them or damage the finish). I use a set of T nut drivers to loosen the nuts on the pots. Two other tools: a stiff plastic-coated wire to pull the pots back into place (usually only needed for the neck tone pot), and a 6" curved forcept to hold and move the other pots around. Take
  13. A pair of Duncan '59's is great in a Dot. If you want a hotter bridge a Custom 8 (Custom with an A8 magnet) is excellent. For a neck P-90, the GFS Mean 90 has a lot of fans (the Dream 90 not so much). I don't care for Gibson's A2 HB's, like '57's; they're dark and muffled in the neck slot.
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