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  1. Will they hire someone who hasn't the foggiest idea?

    Pure cut and dried "business" ain't gonna work here..these are professional musical instruments we are talking about here.

    The raid that niked all that wood really did them in man.When your own gov. nearly brings down without thought its own

    historic legacy you gotta wonder in who's interest's they are working for.

  2. Remove old, a few turns each side, alternately. Using calipers or a crescent wrench as a go/no go gauge sand to thickness and reinstall.

    Btw I would not notch the saddle, only asking for increased tuning problems. The strings will create there own mini notches in short order.

    You're welcome to message me back channel if more specific or detailed info is required.


    Hi Allas..Thank you.

    So to get old one out is just a matter of unscrewing the two Flatheads on each end..yes?

    Unscrewing all the way or just retracting them?

    Many Thanks


  3. Hi guys..

    I have a 1966 Gibson B45-12N 12 String Guitar with Trapeze that needs a replacement for its dark plastic adjustable Bridge.

    The high E has gone down where there is no clearance front and back and the last supporting wall/surround at the end has gone.

    So the high E strings sound is not clear especially as I go up past the 12th Fret.


    Is there a nice simple ready made Bone piece that can go right in to improve things?

    Adjustable feature ok with me.

    I asked Stewart McDonald and they dont have anything ??

    Any of you guys replaced that on yours?


  4. File too big to upload..what ever that means..I load pictures from my computer all the time but here..not working.

    The crack at the sound hole is one side of crack higher than the other..and goes up side of the treble side of fingerboard.

    Sorry for late reply..I dont get notifications and high PSA level(prostate) has deflected me.

    I decided to put it for sale (CrLst)..I really dont have a repair guy any more and one I do know amounts to a day to take it in (90 miles away)

    and a day to pick up...

    Not to mention the last time I went down to take a guitar to him it was a Masterbuilt Fender Stratocaster I custom ordered

    which I was overly babying..he takes it down to his bench and comes up to tell me sorry,while balancing the guitar and other things on his bench

    he dropped a pile of things on the guitar..only one dent luckily which instantly devalued the thing.

  5. Hi..Long time not here as I sold my Gibson acoustic and only have Gibson 3 Electrics and an L5CES Archtop..

    but over a year ago I bought a very good sounding B45-12N (1966) and I really dont play a lot and I just pulled it out today and

    I see there is a crack at sound hole next to fingerboard..


    Whats commonly going on here..Pickguard shrinking causing crack..? Other reason?

    Repair requires what..a cleat or strip of wood glued under there..maybe lifting pick guard?

    Am, in Jersey..How much do you think such a repair will be..my repair guy if still there in NY will

    be 95 about now so Im scared to call cause I really loved that guy.. : (



    Oh man..

    File too big to upload for one picture..and "Try switching to basic uploader"

    brings up some other odd unrecognizable stuff.

    I just dont remember how I used to do it.Anyway crack is directly inline with fingerboard edge of treble side to the sound hole

  6. Hi..

    Which case fits the early 60's B-45 12 String Guitar?

    It's the B-45 with the metal tailpiece that reaches to the end of the guitar.

    There are a couple of nice Gibson Acoustic Guitar cases available but I think this

    B-45 !2 string Ive bought in a chip board case will not fit maybe.

    And I really can't see buying new these days.

    The guitar is surprisingly good..low action and very nice sound bought

    from the owner who's had it since the 60's.


  7. But Dave that thing is accurate with the right bottom?

    Where do you get it?

    Ive been considering getting the Stwert Mac set for my acoustics and was hoping those are same as L5.

    But those files are about $80 shipped and my need for them is like once every 10 years.


    Still need to know size Gibson uses at factory on L5..I don't want to buy instruments for measuring slots as well..

  8. My understanding is the pre pickup Archtops were more like voiced for louder volume..when the pickup was designed they were voiced differently right across the board pickup or not.

    Ive seen some good 1930's L5's for sale in the past..Maybe buy an good old car next time..use the balance for one of those : )

  9. There are a good amount of Doves in Flight around.

    That Hummingbird looks limited..and I think hummingbirds have short scale necks..but that price is a very very no go.

    You can get a used Doves in Flight for $4k.

    Are you looking for something that is rare? Or just really good looking..


    I just sold a D42 Martin Custom Shop that really was a stunner…great woods…extra ornamentation..a real wow looker..

    I replaced it with an O50 Lowden Koa which is as ornate as Lowden gets, but much less stunning and informal than the Martin was…but..

    this Lowden just absolutely sings..Has dynamic range..single notes respond so you can play lead on it..When

    you strum you feel the top breathing.

    I am really into looks,but nothing beats great sound. Make sure you try what ever you buy to make sure sound is good too.

    Good luck

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