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  1. 78DiVFO.jpgupIKoK1.jpghMqAHui.jpgLBnqlQv.jpgkzzGtBM.jpgHZJKwv4.jpgj7lFo55.jpg

    I picked up a couple of fun pedals

    Maxon OD808 40th anniversary 215/400

    Ibanez Ltd Gold TS9

    Also picked up Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass. Also got it signed by him as he was in town promoting his book. 


  2. I really wanted to like the sideways vibrola but after trying one, it's such a poor design. The guitar should have come with roller saddles. As it is, it won't stay in tune. Using the trem moves the whole saddle and eventually the posts will bend over or break. Looks cool but... Just not a good idea.


    The other one with the regular vibrola is fantastic, that is what I will be buying.

  3. I like the pricing. $2500.00 for a new Standard and the previous version was $3299.00. They're still expensive but reasonable. I like that they've gone back to what made the Les Paul popular in the first place and it's what a lot of people wanted. On the flipside, there's others who liked all the new changes and options available. I wonder if they'll continue marketing the classic line and the modern lines? I'm curious as to what's different from those and the reissues. I hope to play a few of them over the next few weeks. I'd love to have a Goldtop with humbuckers.

    The new standard is the old Traditional, which was less than the standard and so is the same... Same specs, look at the AA top and not the AAA top. Not much has changed here. Even more concerning, the new guitars I have seen have had more QC issues than they did when Henry ran the show. That concerns me.

  4. Played one and love it. Very nice neck and played really smooth. The one I played was the ebony gloss version. Workmanship was great. As soon as I put it down, the next guy bought it. [crying] Definately going to grab one of these.

    Size is like a ES-339 or my L5S RW. The one I played came with the new Gibson gig bag.

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