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  1. Sorry, I was confusing my ESP pickups which are stacked P90s like Gibson P100. Now I understand the Lee Malia wiring.


    It must be the dummy coil is wired in series and should be out of phase. In that case the problem could be the dummy coil is in phase so not cancelling out the hum. Could be worth a try to reverse the connections on the dummy coil and see if it improves the signal.

  2. Hi there. I had a similar problem with a new ESP LTD Viper 256p. The neck P90 was supposed to be hum cancelling but it hummed to my ears worse than a standard P90.


    I read somewhere on the Internet, was actually a cached Musicians Friend page for my model with reviews. One of the reviews mentioned the hum and they swapped a couple of wires in the control cavity. I reversed two wires and the hum was gone.


    I cannot access that MF page as I am in the UK and MF has blocked access to my country due to trading restrictions. I will look inside my Viper tomorrow to try remember which wires I swapped. This was a mistake in the wiring at the factory so there were more than a few guitars affected.


    The noiseless P90s have two coils in series like a humbucker. There should be 4 wires plus maybe a bare screen. One wire goes to hot terminal on the volume pot or sometimes the switch, one wire goes to earth usually on the pot casing together with the bare wire if present and the other two wires are soldered together to make the series connection. It was one of these wires which were joined together that I swapped with the hot wire.

  3. Alright, cool, I'll go on assuming it's legit. The Alnico Classic pickups are really blowing my expectations from Epiphone Humbuckers out of the water.


    The Alnico Classic and Alnico Classic Plus pickups from 2014 onward are very underrated. Their reputation is tarnished by the earlier versions often referred to as mudbuckers.


    I've got an Epiphone 2014 Les Paul Standard and the pickups are sweet, fat sounding with not a hint of mud.

  4. I have an ESP LTD Viper-256P with noise cancelling P90 pickups. When I got it new it buzzed a lot, in fact more than your normal P90 equipped guutar.


    Then I read on the Internet a couple of owners with buzzing guitars claimed the factory wiring was wrong and two wires needed swapping. I tried to find the info, it's on Musician's Friend website review, but I am in UK so new data protection law won't let me access it.


    If you are in the USA have a look at the reviews at the link below to find the info about swapping the wires. It worked for me, my P90s are quiet as a mouse now.



  5. Yeah that's pretty much my attitude to guitars. I like to keep my guitars set up well and that's it.


    If a guitar doesn't have what I require then I won't buy it. For the price of a set of high-end pickups I find there are good electric guitars to be had.

  6. I use two spoons 180 degrees apart to remove knobs.


    Here's how to remove knobs from push-pull coil split knobs without breaking the pot shaft out of the pot.


    Pull out the knob, lay micro fiber cloth next to pot then use long nose pliers to grip the shaft and gently ease the knob up levering the spoon against the jaws of the pliers. Turn the knob 180 degrees and lever some more until it comes free of the shaft. Obviously you can only use one spoon for this as you should be gripping the pot shaft tightly with your other hand

  7. Thanks for taking the trouble to post your review. I've had one for a year or so in Vintage white, it's more like primrose yellow!


    Mine doesn't seem overly heavy although I've not weighed it. The expensive Baretta models are very heavy, the body on them is solid Maple.


    I just about manage with the tuners as I keep mine in standard tuning. To set up the trem to work floating, I fitted a Black Tusq Graphtech nut and it stays in tune all day long using the trem sensibly.


    The pickup is Epiphone I think and it does have some character. I think I will try removing the treble bleed mod as I like to turn down the volume and lose some treble.

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