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  1. Just joined the forum and saw this post. Its an older post but thought I'd comment. I have the EL-00 and love it. Mine was once a right handed that has been professionally converted to lefty. After some research I discovered that none were ever made lefty. Love the sound, feel, and the fact that its inexpensive. I am however chasing a trade for a Gibson Blues King. Thought I'd maybe give it a try.

  2. Thanks Rod, I did some research found its the 1961 Les Paul special(SG) in TV yellow. I feel pretty much the same about parting out the guitar I'd hate to do that and it should remain intact. I'm checking into having it restored to see if its worth it for me. I appreciate the feedback for sure.


    Thanks again


  3. Hi all, Just joined the board. Looks like there are lots of great discussions.


    As I mentioned on the intro page I play lefty and have never had a super nice left handed Gibson other than a lefty Sonex. As luck with have it, I just picked up a right handed 1961 Gibson SG.

    It needs a full restoration but it is 100% complete. Since I have limited knowledge of Gibson's can anyone shed some light on the vintage SG values?


    I understand its difficult to say without seeing the guitar but I'm looking for ball park. Trying to decide whether its worth restoring or parting out.


    The yellow paint is cracked and chipped but there are no cracks or gouges. The neck/frets and finger board appears to be intact and in decent shape as well as the headstock and tuners. The hardware is corroded and pitted.



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