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  1. k, I don't have any of that, I don't like patio furniture.


    Really? So Aaron at Guitar Center will what? Scratch his neck tat and what? Go find out about fair trade wages and how eco friendly this here Martin is? Is that what is going to happen?


    Ok. Well, good luck with that.




    Thanks for the good luck wishes, rct.


    But you did ask the question. And I merely answered on ways to achieve what you asked for. Then it's entirely up to you if you want to go through with them.


    not sure if I agree 100% with you on that... But I do think it's important to know where the wood is coming from. However, as someone who works at a store I know that we don't really get schooled on where the woods come from, or fairly the workers get paid. And even if I decided to investigate, I don't really have time for that, there are so many important duties when it comes to running stores that it falls pretty far down on my list of things


    I work in retail too, and I can assure you that I don't know the source materials on all the products in the store. And it's true that it's up to your employer to supply you with these answers. But you can also ask the question.

    It is also true that these questions doesn't really apply easily to all types of businesses.


    But I think it's easy to apply it to food. Like, where is this tomato from? How much emissions from it's transport? Was lots of pesticides used in it's production. Was the workers on the farm payed fair wages for their job?

    In the end, if I want cheap tomatoes, that's what I'll get. But if I want a really good tomato? What will need to happen?


    Less pesticides generally means smaller harvest, fair wages usually means more expensive overhead which all adds to the cost of the tomato.


    I remember seeing an episode on Chef's Table on Netflix where Dan Barber who runs BlueHill restaurant in NYC talked a lot about that as a business modell. Have look to hear more. He has many interesting views.


    Also, sorry for going slightly off topic, but it feels like this is a thread about sustainability. I'm sure we all don't want the rainforest destroyed to we can get our LP fix.

  2. And how am I to "fight illegal wood extractions"?


    There are many ways in which you can contribute to the cause.

    But if we leave chaining yourself to trees out, I'd say perhaps not buying that cheap patio furniture in teak?

    You know, vote with your wallet.

    Ask the store where it's from. Was the workers payed proper wages (fair trade), was the wood wild or grown? If it was grown, did they grow it eco friendly or use a lot of pesticides?


    The more people that asks these types of questions will affect what the businesses buy. Simple as that.

  3. Joining in.


    Here's my 2015 Les Paul Classic in Seafoam Green.


    I prefer it with the pickguard off.




    I don't know why but I always felt drawn to the seafood green. Maybe it's the light back or the allure of the deep?

    Anyway, I'm forever stuck in Vintage sunburst land.

    I have also kept the pick guard off, but since seeing your post I figured I'd try with it on. At least for a few weeks to see if it grows on me?

    How are you feeling about only one tone control vs the Boost?


    For me I prefer the boost. Are there any mods for the boost switch of this guitar?

  4. So I was playing a gig Saturday night and spilt beer on my Gibson Les Paul Traditional. I'm not sure if it went into the neck pickup, however it seems to be fine so I was wondering what would happen if you did spill beer into the pickup? Thanks




    So I assume it's on it's way to become naturally relic'ed?

    Like most guys pay extra for.

  5. I have heard 2015 was probably Gibson's worst year on guitar build and quality.


    This is simply not true. Many in forums had issues with some of the features, but the build and quality has never been in contest.

    As an 2015 LP Classic owner I can say that wood selection, fit and finish is top notch.


    But as someone that have spent years trying to find the right guitar I can only recommend you to try as many as possible.

    If you are looking for a Les Paul-type guitar you should also play Epiphones. If you can't tell the difference the save that money for something else.

    There are also lot's of other brands that make good guitars of the Les Paul type, like PRS, Hagström and more.


    So get out there and play everything you can get yours grubby mitts on!


    And when you get something really special in your hands, you will know. I promise.

  6. It's a shame that Gibson apparently abandoned them for 2016. They should put a few out there for those people that want them as installing one as an aftermarket addon likely voids the warranty, hardly fair since Gibson put so many on the market in 2014 and 2015.


    Actually they didn't. They split everything into 2 lines. The High Performance (HP) line still has the G-Force and Tronical still sell it for the aftermarket.

  7. No guitar pro here, but a professional troubleshooter.


    After reading through the thread and what's been done. The fact that it played nice and did not go out of tune at the luthier intrigues me.

    Did you consider that this could possibly be an environmental issue?


    I mean, temperature and humidity shifts, which affects the wood.

  8. In the matter of tuning, one needs to "come up into pitch", "not down", as turning down into pitch just makes for an out of tune situation really soon.

    If the unit had been software programmed to start below pitch and then tune up into correct pitch it would be so much a better unit.


    I noticed this too when I first got my G-Force.


    Later, I put the accuracy of mine to max and when I use single thing mode it tunes up.

  9. Well, isn't that reason enough? Imagine buying a new guitar and it wears out after month of playing and than having to fix something that never should have been broken in the first place..pretty discouraging, at least to me.


    That depends on what is important to you.

    For me, it has always been about the feel of the guitar and mainly the neck.


    When I grab the neck I feel like I'm channeling the spirit of all mighty guitar players that has come before me and I know: "This is the stuff!".

    After that, a light opens from heaven to shine down on me while angels sing: "Aaaaaahhhhh" and I play my first chord.


    True Story.


    Now, I learned about this issue after I purchased my 2015 Classic (with 40% off) so I am good since it's an easy fix. But I have yet to run into any issue.

    And maybe that's the thing? I know how rare it is for a guitar to speak to me like the two I own, that I don't mind the other stuff?

    Come to think of it, it sound like love, family, relationship. You don't fret the small stuff. (pun intended)

  10. Dear all. My new 2016 LP Standard sounded great at its first gig outing on Saturday evening. However, I have noticed when I play it unplugged that I get some buzzing on the E and B strings (usually higher up the neck), most noticeably when I play single notes (say eighth fret and higher). Any ideas what this might be, and is it something that can be fixed...




    How long have you had it?

    I mean if it's less than a month you need to break it in first and let it settle before starting to adjust stuff.



    When all that's done it sounds as it could benefit of a proper setup job by an experienced luthier. That is, if you're not up to the job yourself.

  11. We are happy that you are happy with your 2015... Stop trying to convince us all that its the best guitar ever and we all made some big mistake or something..... Most of us don't like them that opinion wont change (yes I did try them) and it should make no difference to you what we think... Just enjoy your guitar :)


    But the 2015 is the best Les Paul ever. Or, at least mine is.



  12. All those 2015 models with brass zero fret nut..it's like, failure waiting to happen. I wanted to purchase LPM 2015 but because of the zero fret nut (made of brass) I decided not to..such a shame..what were they thinking?


    Really, just because of the nut?


    But how did it feel in your hands? Me, I just loved the neck. Nut or no nut. :)

  13. I already own LP 70's Tribute and LP Standard Plus Top Pro (made by Epiphone).


    May I ask what you're going to use it for?

    I mean, since you already have two and they both seems to cover a lot of tones that you can use.


    Perhaps you wan't a "better" guitar (in the sense of better for you)?

    Have you considered selling the ones you have to finance a new purchase?

  14. Excellent points...AND...if we take into account the pancake/sandwich bodied LPs of the Norlin Era we have an even greater percentage of LPs which were not constructed like they did in the 50s. Point is, OP, there is a longer running "tradition" of building LPs in a fashion "other" than they were built in the 50s. So what exactly is "traditional" then? And honestly, the modern Traditional model isn't meant to honor the tradition of the 50s LPs (that's what the Reissues are for). It's meant to honor the tradition of the post Norlin Standards of the 80s & 90s. That's what they were styled after and that's how they were constructed starting in 2008 (i.e., with traditional weight relief like those 80s & 90s Standards). If anything, 2013-15 with their non-weight relieved bodies (while maybe desirable just "because"), are actually more "incorrect" than the traditionally weight relieved 2008-12,16 Trads.



    So I have some marketing lingo coming your way....



    The new LPs with no weight relief coming out later will be called the Les Paul Original. Made like it was in the fifties.



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