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  1. I know I was. Got the Classic instead of the Studio. Judging wood quality is quite fickle I think. Especially for amateurs such as ourselves. I think we can judge how nice a wood looks to us, but ultimately you have to play it. If it feels good to you, then it is, by definition, good. For the 2015 line they generally chose nicer looking woods for lesser costing models. But as always, YMMV.
  2. Look in the manual and find "Accuracy". I set it to the most accurate setting (but also the slowest). After that I only do string by string. It's fast and precise.
  3. So if you are interested in a 2015 I think now is a perfect time to get one at a bargain. The wood selection is muck better than previous years. But as others have stated. Play them first.
  4. Yea! Me too! Luckily, Scott told me about it in another thread. Sorry to bust your chops about it.
  5. Dude!? Didn't you even read the manual? I mean, it was included in the case. Go here: Gibson G-Force
  6. The future at least for 2016 is quite a price hike. Compare the 2016 Studio to last years Classic (with no discount) is about the same price... So, If you like the 2015s, it's truly an opportunity to get a great guitar.
  7. The future at least for 2016 is quite a price hike. Compare the 2016 Studio to last years Classic (with no discount) is about the same price... So, If you like the 2015s, it's truly an opportunity to get a great guitar.
  8. Did you change any settings? Like Accuracy? Did change a lot for me.
  9. engineer

    a Defect ?

    From my view there s always issue with mass production. And even if Gibson guitar are hand made they are mass produced. And no matter how good your QC is there will always be some products let through. Why? Because we are human, because the sun sets and there might be aliens. It's just nature. So, now we know this. Then what is really important? It's how we are received as customers with a complain. The company that addresses my complain swiftly and without troubles have a customer for life in me. Anything can break, but only a bad response can break the relationship with a brand.
  10. I just did a setup on my Classic again and replaced the factory strings. Afterwards I ran a calibration and also changed the accuracy setting to max. It doesn't take that much longer to tune, plus I noticed that the tuners now always tune down and then up. Sweet huh?
  11. THIS! Forget-the-guitar-look-at-that-case!
  12. I just want to see more of that case! Looks spectacular! But with the new models, and the new prices (Yikes!) I'm pretty happy with my 2015 LP Classic. It's also sad that the price of a Studio is now so high. Used to be the workingman's axe. Now it's at the same level as the Classics were.
  13. No. They're all great! It's more a matter of if you like playing them. I love my 2015 LP Classic, especially the neck. But some people did not like the neck and some other stuff, so, that's why they have dropped prices. If you like it, great! If you don't, too bad.
  14. Sure do! My 2015 Les Paul Classic. Beautiful flame.
  15. I think it's like the pick guard issue. On or off? I'm keeping my pick guard off and my pickup covers on. But that's just me.
  16. You know, if there are no photos, it means it did not happen. Looks beautiful, man! On the recordings it almost sounds like an acoustic to me. Cool! And that case! Isn't it awesome? Can't believe they ditched that and went back to the old one...
  17. I can relate to that even if I made a substantial saving when I bought my 2015 LP Classic. When you bought your guitar you payed market price for it I assume? And what is market price? I my view it's whatever someone is willing to pay for a product or service. So does it suck that you could've spent less and gotten the same? Yes! That totally blows! But the guitar has not changed since you bought it or the price cut. It's still the same guitar as you bought and payed for. If it felt right then, it should still feel right now. And I assume you didn't buy the guitar for it's reseller value? So, go on, enjoy it and make great music! How do you experience the pricing on the 2016 models? Here in Sweden it's a significant increase. The LP Studio is now about the same as the old standard price for the 2015 LP Classic (differs about $100) Could be due to currency...
  18. Does that mean you went back to the store with your amp? Your findings.....?
  19. I think that is actually the major thing about the "2015 debacle". The neck, I feel, is highly subjective. You either like it, think it's meh or you hate it from the bottom of you heart. For myself I love the 2015 neck. It just feels right. A lot of 2016 spec is released through resellers but it's weird nothing has been posted on gibson.com yet. There is also rumours about a split in two lines, one traditional and one modern. If that is true it would mean the 2015 type being the modern one and the previous ones being the traditional. So we'll see. I did test the Less+ when I bought my 2015 Classic. But it felt really weird with such a slim body. But the neck felt great and the pickups are the same as the Studio and the Classic. Great pickups as they are not so hot and can drive a tube amp nicely with just the attack of my fingers. Hope to read more about your findings.
  20. Oh yea! The neck! I think it's the most important part of the guitar. It has to feel right. If it doesn't feel right, what's the point? For me the 2015 neck felt so much better than the normal 60s slim taper. So I just made a bargain. I never did like the candy-look, but then the classic is just a Vintage sunburst. No candy, except eye candy. B) Glad to hear you are not into stereotyping either. It's hard to judge someone you have not met and only exchange guitar related text with. Sadly, a lot of people do it daily anyway.
  21. To me these are two different guitars. You'd be better off comparing a Gibson Les Paul Standard to an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Play them both and then decide what you like.
  22. I'm not saying it is, only that a lot of people a writing them off before trying them. For me, I just love the neck, the case, the removable pick guard and the G-Force. My Vintage sunburst looks stunning (see photos in the introduction section). And from the bottom of my heart I can't understand why they didn't think of the removable pick guard sooner.
  23. You rang? Hmmm...picking on swedes now are we? Where are you from "Zentar"? Mars? :D Joking aside. It's not really nice making fun of someones nationality based on ill conceived stereotypes. If I were like that, I'd assume you were american. And we all now americans are all redneck gun-nutters who drink water which they call beer. They think they are the world police, yet very few (if any) now any other countries besides "abroad" or "overseas". The rest of the world also wonders how they do that while being overly obese by any standard. If americans invent anything (which is unlikely), the can't build it since all knowledge about building stuff has been transferred to China. Now, luckily I am not like that at all. How could I when loving Fender and Gibson guitars? Or listening to the blues?
  24. Wow! That was a really nice looking LP. Thanks for sharing that photo.
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