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  1. Ok, this is a little snarky, but interesting anyway.


    The Vox AC-15 was a complete copy of an earlier Gibson amp. In fact, it was such a close copy that the grounding for the bass control was actually wired incorrectly. The Vox people had copied the circuit from Gibson's published schematic, which was drawn up with that mistake. Nobody realized this until the 1990's I believe. This wiring "mistake" is responsible for the unusual interactivity between the bass and treble controls of most models of the AC-15 and AC-30


    So, in effect, you can go out and buy a brand new Gibson amp, but it will say Vox on it.


    Very funny lol

  2. I do like these cables!


    I have two 25 footers for running two amps at a distance and a 10 footer for connecting to some pedals. These cables pass signals loudly and clearly. I was surprised at the amount of db loss a generic cable can lose. Made that discovery by comparing the 10 footer to a basic cable that I'd just received as part of an order as a freebie. Plugged my LP straight into an amp, changed cables... very noticeable that the Gibson cable was several db's louder.


    They were more costly but looked for the sales. I think they will last a very long time. I'll post durability results in 20 years. ;)

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