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  1. So I think I wanna try some other single cuts to compliment my Les Pauls. I'd like to stay under $1k (new or used) and my requirements are 22 frets, non trem, 24.75 scale length and humbuckers. Some guitars that interest me include Ibanez Artist, LTD EC-1000T and Jackson Monarkh Pro. I did check out one of those Guitar Center Mitchell brand single cuts and they weren't bad. I play mainly hard rock/metal, but would like a versatile guitar also.

  2. I'm not talking storage when you aren't playing, but when you're actually playing and you may need the capo during a set. Some capos can be stored on the headstock but others can't. With one I actually tried to clamp it over the nut but, of course it lead to string damping, if I clamp behind the nut, it will affect the tune of the strings. At this stage, the best solution seems to be just putting it on the amp or music stand. So, How do you store it when you aren't using it, but are going to need it?

  3. I read some comments that any hygometer should be digital rather than analog, at least for the cheaper kind. For a few years I have been using the analog hygometer that was part of a 3-part combo with a thermometer and a barometer. The thermometer reads the same as another thermometer I have so I assumed ...assumed that is ... that all three instruments were right.


    However today I bought a hygometer. My old analog hygometer says the interior humidity is a nice 45 percent, arguably the best for an acoustic.


    HOWEVER the new guy on the block says my humidity is about 31 percent, actually dropping as low as 28!


    Could they both be wrong? I've never adjusted my analog unit. Anyway I'm now going to be using my room humidifer much more to try to get the reading up to 40 or so.


    I wonder if that barometer is equally wrong. I have never had the need to use it. My apartment takes very few nautical trips.

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  4. I've been GASing for one of the newer, redesigned Taylor 814ce guitars lately. I really love the tone and playability of it. I also see that the 714ce has also been revoiced as well. I like that the 714 has a little less bling, and a lower price. I can't seem to find one anywhere though. Anyone compare both of these newer designs? I'm wondering if the 714 could scratch the itch. Thanks.

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