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  1. Hi All!


    Thanks for having me! Seems like a wonderful community of folks here! Well a little into my background....one of the first high end guitars I ever bought was a Taylor GS8. That opened a whole new world to me. I've since sold it but and replaced it with a Taylor 324 (mahogany top / Blackwood back and sides)


    I also own and run the UTGF (unofficial Taylor guitar forum) and mistakenly wandered into the world of Martin guitars....so about 2 years ago I landed on a Martin OMJM which I love for it's really warm sound.


    THEN I mistakenly ran across a video of the American Eagle LG2.....and I CAN'T SHAKE THE SOUND! So warm and "punchy" is how I would describe Gibsons. So now I've set my eyes on a used AE LG2 locally and hope to snag it later this week.


    1 Taylor, 1 Martin and hopefully soon 1 Gibson. I would consider Martin and Gibson similar in tone but Gibson has the warmth of Martin but a "thumpiness" that I haven't found in any other brand. I think I also appreciate, at least to my ears, the quick "decay" of chords and notes that come from a Gibson (not to say that Gibsons can't ring out)


    Anyways....I have to have one. Period.


    Well thanks for listening, and I hope to learn a ton from you all!

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