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  1. I just bought the less expensive version of the Frampton Texan as a backup to my original 1965 Texan that I bought new in 1965. Here are my first impressions after having it for a few weeks. 1) Overall fit and finish on the Frampton is excellent. 2) The neck nut width on the Frampton (1.61") is virtually identical to my '65(1.60") and the thickness and taper are the same. It's impossible to find any other modern acoustic guitars with necks that narrow. Not recommended for finger pickers who tend to like wide string spacing, but I use a flatpick about 80% of the time & love the narrow neck which makes it easy on an old man's thumb because I can play most of my first position chords with my palm on the back of the neck. 3) Tonally, the Frampton is MUCH brighter than the '65. Instead of "brighte" perhaps I should say "sparkly". There are just so many overtones flying around yet the overall string balance is the same between the two. Some of that could be attributed to the relative ages of the instruments and the Frampton's polyurethane finish vs. nitrocellulose lacquer on the '65, BUT... 4) I attribute much of the brightness to the MASSIVE bracing. The braces on the Frampton are easily 50% taller and somewhat wider than '65. After giving my Frampton a little time to mature, I may consider having the brace shaved. 5) The Frampton is 1 to 1.5lb heavier than my '65. Perhaps from the heavier braces or maybe there's still a lot of moisture in the new wood that has long since left the old guitar. 6) I'm very happy with the Frampton's pickup system. I don't detect any piezo quack. The amplified sound is just that, the exact tone of the guitar, just louder. 7) There are a couple unimportant differences. The Frampton has Grover-style tuning machines vs the 65's Klusons. Also the 65 came with an adjustable height saddle while the Frampton's is fixed. I consider that an improvement because the adjustment mechanism added considerable mass to the top of the 65, so I had it removed and replaced many yeas ago. Bottom line: at a street price of $900 or $1200 for a solid wood guitar, this instrument is a bargain. I was lucky to find a "Demo" model with one tiny nick that I have to search to find which saved me $300.
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