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    60s 335

    Take a look . . , https://pin.it/os4rtnzuk5iyyq
  2. Do-Hat

    60s 335

    Try this . . . https://pin.it/os4rtnzuk5iyyq
  3. Do-Hat

    60s 335

    How do so post a picture?
  4. Do-Hat

    60s 335

    Freddie Green who favours fat jazz guitars which is why it would be such an odd connection. The markers are parallelogram not trapezoidal. Don’t seem to be able to post a pic yet.
  5. Do-Hat

    60s 335

    Hi there. I’ll try and keep it short. I’ve owned what I thought was a standard, early 60s 335 for ages. Whilst using it recently an older chap who knew the previous owner recognised the guitar and told me that it had once been owned by jazz guitarist Freddie Green who didn’t get on with the slim body. He spotted the guitar by its feet markers, which in all these years I’d never noticed weren’t standard. They are trapezoidal, not split. I’m also not a jazz musician so there’s no reason for him making up a tale like that for me. Is there any way of tracing the guitar by its serial number? Serial no - 105*** Not sure if I can attach a pic yet as it’s my first post. Thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction.
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