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  1. I can answer my own question! If you bought Deckadance when Image Line owned it (ie before 2015, when Gibson/Stanton/Cakewalk acquired Deckadance), you can log in to your Image Line account and *carefully* read all the instructions on the My Licenses page. Underneath the instructions about Deckadance v2.43, there is an option to download a .reg file with the licence you purchased, and even if you're on the Mac you should do this. On Windows, you just need to double-click the .reg file to install the data to the Windows Registry. But on the Mac, you need to save the .reg file in the ~/Library/Preferences/Image-Line/ folder (where ~ means your home/user folder.) That folder probably doesn't exist, so you'll need to create it yourself. But once you put your .reg file there, you're up & running. It seems to work even with the newer Stanton/Gibson versions, I've got it working with v2.72 on macOS 10.13 now. Hope that helps someone else!
  2. Hi there, Another customer here trying to unlock Deckadance 2 - I've got an old copy from the 2014 Image Line days (paid $79, so I think that's the Standard edition)... but like everyone else, I can't unlock because I don't have a Cakewalk account, and account creation is disabled. I've got a serial code & my old receipt, but obviously won't be posting that to the forums :) Hopefully someone can PM me. Good to see Deckadance is still alive though. Hope the new unlocking system might have less server-based DRM, so we don't encounter this problem again!
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