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  1. hi tried a few straps and got the one that had the most grip. a 6.4 cm wide d'addario leather and suede. it wasn't necessary the thickest, widest, or the one with the fluffiest suede, but it proved to be the most efficient. if this is a problem for you have, i do recommend you try them on. it isn't a perfect solution but good enough... thanks again!
  2. thank you all for your replies! i have an other sg, which is has the strap button at the neck base, and that works just fine. never had issues with it, so that was part of my reasoning. however as you have pointed out i am using a cheap strap. the one it came with. which is very thin leather / suede, similar to this: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Franklin-Strap/3-Black-Leather-Guitar-Strap-with-Red-Stitching.gc i think need to go shopping. they have the same model in the shop so the best thing might be to try a few on it, starting by what you have suggested. will post back when i find a good option, in case other people have the same issue. cheers!
  3. hi, i recently bought an SG HP 2019, which i am loving. all except the strap button position, which i find very awkward. whilst seating, but especially whilst standing the whole weight of the guitar is tilted towards the neck. pretty much all of the weight sits on the neck button and therefore on your left shoulder. hp: https://static.gibson.com/product-images/USA/USASR926/Trans%20Black%20Fade/back-banner-1600_900.png standard: https://static.gibson.com/product-images/USA/USANZ2634/Ebony/back-banner-1600_900.png i wonder if any of you have found solutions for this? i am seriously considering drilling a new hole where the button for the any other sg would be (at the base of the neck), but it seems a shame to have to do this, especially in a pretty much new guitar. thanks!
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