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  1. Thanks, and also thanks at all others above for commenting. Helped a lot :) That's also what I've heard (SJ-200 vs J-200 names); it was mainly marketing related, but I could be wrong. I read or saw in some videos that Gibson used SJ in some years and J in others, but the guitars (size and build) are apparently the same. Indeed, please correct me if I'm wrong. Yeah, a Hummingbird and an SJ-200; I thought about that, but it's a stretch to pull that off. Where would you come about a good condition used SJ-200? I've checked eBay, loads of listings from Japan. Is that something?
  2. Let me get started by saying that I have zero experience in buying or playing a guitar, but am looking to start. In addition, I would like to buy a present for somebody - an acoustic guitar. She's a huge fan of the artist James Bay and has been playing herself for over 15 years. This friend has mentioned that James Bay has a Hummingbird, although I am not too sure. Based on my ''research'', if you can call it that, I actually never saw him play a Hummingbird. I have a feeling it's the (S)J-200. Based on https://equipboard.com/pros/james-bay he has the SJ-200 in Vintage Sunburst. A couple of questions I have: - can anybody confirm that James Bay plays the (S)J-200, and not the Hummingbird? - and if so, is the guitar pictured below the Vintage Sunburst (S)J-200? - can somebody confirm or explain the names SJ-200 vs J-200? Are these one and the same?
  3. Zurich since a couple of years! Basel region before (also a couple of years), and Geneva region (only half a year) before all that. All lovely places.
  4. Hi, My name is Eduard. Totally new to guitars, looking to learn as soon as possible. Thought I'd register to share my experiences and gather as much information as possible (I'm sure I need it). I'm looking into getting an acoustic guitar soon. I'm sure I will have a bunch of questions. Best wishes
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