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  1. Everyone, I appreciate the kind words and totally understand why everyone is thinking I was referring to the rosewood pours. There is more of a nick closer towards the fret on the 5th, that doesn't show up well on the photobucket hosted images. I'll see if I can get a better picture. Does anyone have a suggestion for image hosting? I could not get Flickr to work.
  2. Hello Gibson Board, I'm excited to announce I bought a new inbox 2019 J45 standard. Like many of you, it is my favorite acoustic. However, after playing a few, i've come to realize some build quality issues unfortunately exists. Upon receiving, I noticed a few fretboard dents (chips?), namely on the 5th. I wanted to gather feedback from some recent or older J45 owners to know how their fretboards came when brand new. On the registration inspection card, everything is checked off as passed (including the fretboard) The thing is, while this is disappointing, the action and intonati
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