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  1. Thanks! is yours the P90 version?
  2. Can anyone confirm that their new 2019 Les Paul Standard 50's Guitar came with a blank truss rod cover? I have seen videos but am told by Gibson that this is not included. I'm Just trying to clarify. Thanks
  3. Waxings

    First Les Paul

    I had never had a desire to own a LP in the past. Then it started eating at me.... I tried it out and LOVE it. Completely different then my strat, telecaster but so great for other tones. Im really happy with the purchase. Thanks for your help
  4. Waxings

    First Les Paul

    I went to a local store today and tried another two. Same thing... When the pickups volume is out of balance, in the middle position, it seems to introduce some really low level hum. Nothing really bad just not silent.
  5. I just received my new 2019 Les Paul Standard 50’s. This is my first experience with a Les Paul. I’m wanting to see if what I’m experiencing is normal. I’m experiencing some minor hum in the following situations. 1) When in the neck position and the volume is 10 I get a little hum. When I back it down to 9 it’s gone. 2) When I’m in the middle position and on 10 on both volume pots I get no hum. If I turn down one of the 2 volume pots a little, It introduces some hum. If I turn the other volume pot to the same position as the other volume pot the hum goes away? Is this normal or is something wrong with my new LP? I own other guitars but none with wiring electronics like the LP. Thanks for your help!
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