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  1. Got one of this unit with the intention to make custom version of it --as it is missing the CPU board--, so i dug deeper in the HW: 1) LCD is a 480x272 @24bit HannStar HSD043I9W1-A 2) the USB Hub IC controls the Power to the devices downstream through some switches/w o.c. detection (TPS2062/TPS2042) 3) LEDs, buttons, potentiometers and encoder handled by a MCF51QE128 ColdFire MCU 4) Jogs are made from 2 types of sensors both connected to the ColdFire: -a high speed/low resolution optical mirror/stripes (led+photo detector) -a low speed high resolution optical mouse sensor (ADNS5050) 5) touch detection is by IDT LDS6201 chip (i2c connected to the ColdFire) 6) sound ADC and DAC through i2s interface DACs: AK4388 / ADC: AK5358 -- separate i2s data for all 7) there is an S35390A RTC 6) cpu-card and digital board-to-board connector has been mapped as attachments (interestingly the digital b2b connector has more pins to the ColdF than what actually connects to the CPU board) ------- So the plan is to use an Orange Pi One, connect the usb otg to the device-usb, one usb host to the Hub, convert the Pi's HDMI to TTL by a VS-TY2662-V2 board. Then config the DACs to one Left-justified and one Right-justified then drive them both from the same I2S (the H3 supports more packets on a single I2S bus -- as the 2nd port is not fully available /cannot sync up with the first/) Finally there would be need for the ColdFire communication --maybe reverseable from the system update firmware. Alternatively can be remade from scratch.. b2b_conn.txt module_pinout.txt
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