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  1. Thanks Retired, After searching the internet today, I come to the same conclusion. Looks like I'll have to purchase 2 or 3 sets and play around with the gauges. I was trying to find a way to bend those first three strings at least a step without sacrificing tone. Can't bend those strings like I used to. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I just joined this forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'm 60 years young and have been playing for 55 years. When I was nine my Dad purchased a ES-175 Gibson as a present because a Country Gospel band named Jim Copley and the Heavenly Heirs hired me as their lead guitarist. My guitar idols are Chet, Merle, Thom Bresh, Keb Mo, Muddy Waters, SRV etc.. I stayed with the band until joining the Marines in 1977. Served 30 years and now work for Uncle Sam as an Electronics Engineer. I just purchased a Stonebridge and would like some suggestions on strings. The guitar came with 12 to 56 bronze strings . I would like to try a lighter set but would like to keep the G string wound for tone, any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
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