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  1. I appreciate your comments. Your long answer that came to my email was my favorite and the way I personally feel. Every once in a while might be the final answer. I guess I am just wanting someone to tell me what I actually have there. It plays so much better than my SR, Humming Bird, J45, and J35. It just does. It is as smooth as butter and so easy to play. I guess I will never get rich from it because I won’t sell it. Ha ha.
  2. Hello everyone. I love Gibson guitars and own several. For me, they just feel better and sound better than other brands to me. In my opinion of course. My local music shop owner who is a Gibson Acoustic dealer got in a 2002 Gibson Doves in Flight. I immediately purchased it from him. I didn’t know anything about that model. I had heard of the Dove, but was ignorant to this model. This one was a custom shop (they all may be I’m not sure). I did do some research on this year and model and discovered the possibility that in 2002 only 7 were made. It also has the “RF” hidden in the grass under the big Dove on the pick guard. Now that I have this guitar, I realize that its sound and playability are just as desirable as its looks. I am so tempted to play it at Church, but I don’t know if I should take the chance of damaging it by accident or just starting the process of its normal wear and tear. Or preserve it forever. Now, please be easy on me with your answers. My reasoning for asking the question has a few parts. I will never sell it. I am a huge Gibson fan and collector. I have other Gibson acoustics I can play so I am not stuck, I just don’t know how valuable this piece really is. Would I want to drill out the strap button and put electronics in it? Should I play it but instead put a condenser mic in front of it? Or should I leave it in its high end case that is just as fancy as the guitar and do my kids and my future grandkids a favor and preserve it. I do enjoy just looking at it. Full disclosure, I have strummed a couple songs on it, but wiped it down and control the humidity well. Again friends and fellow Gibson owners, go easy on me with your replies. I am simply ignorant to this instrument and its long term value. I am asking for help not criticism. Thanks and I look forward to the replies.
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