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  1. I believe you! I guess I'm going to have to wait a few months and try again.
  2. I know Themisal, I've tried Eastman's and like em. Just more interested in a Gibson.
  3. I guess, in reality, I could be looking for either ... the AJ or the J45. I like them both. Both have stellar reps. Only reason I was looking at an LG-1 was birth year and I have a dread already. I'm a singer/songwriter looking for a tool, preferably with a little mojo. I may have to result in something cheaper. Seems I just had to spend 500 on a plumbing job while I'm on vacation so I'm down to about $1000 now. Such is life.
  4. Just re-asking the question about whether there are any particular years to avoid the AJ? Or anything in particular to watch out for when looking. Thanks
  5. BTW, there are quite a few on Reverb. My "preference" is to find one that has a little mojo going on. Back to my initial questions. Are there years to avoid with vintage AJ's?
  6. Thanks Fidalgo. That's always nice to know.
  7. Sent a couple of questions. Saw that but was scared away by crack. Is it yours?
  8. Not being a Gibson owner (yet) my question is, Can one find a respectable, players clean sunburst Advanced Jumbo for around $1400 and what questions do I need to ask and what do I need to watch out for? I'm new at buying used or vintage. Thanks to all for advice on the LG1 I was considering.
  9. Those are sweet David. I have a dred and a 000 and wanted a small body like the LG. The other Gibson's I'd want are the Advanced Jumbo and the J45. If I had a but more money I'd go for this one, but it's a little too much.
  10. They just told me the guitar was only 3 days old on Reverb so they're not going to discount it. I don't think birth year and p/u are worth 2k at this time for me according to what everybody's saying. I see lots of LG-1's in the 1300-1500 range. For all I know they follow this forum.
  11. Asked for more pics. Fella there played it and said it was sweet sounding. Normally I wouldn't take much stock but they have an amazing feedback rating. I asked about sound from p/u and waiting on reply.
  12. I saw that one Jed. There is a make offer button.
  13. Bobiuz I messaged them and asked for more pics of the saddle and a sound sample. We'll see. They may take less also.
  14. I saw this and wondered if anyone here who knows Gibson might comment on whether there are any red flags regarding this. It is my birth year and it's tempting. https://reverb.com/item/26324142-gibson-lg-1-sunburst-1956 Steve
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