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  1. As the OP, I thought I would weigh back in. First, I agree with "Wmachine" that the '59 VOS Reissue is an incredible guitar. However, I just picked up a 1989 175 with mahogany sides (which as a jazz player, I love!). For some time, I've been intrigued by the late-80s/early-90s Gibsons. I have a relative by marriage who has worked for Gibson since before Henry and is still there under J.C. It seems that morale really picked up after Henry and his partners bought the company in 1986. When you talk to folks working in the shop during that time, pride in their work, quality of materials, and the overall vibe of the place really buoyed back up in the late-80s. My new '89 175 with patent number pickups is darn near perfect (for me). And the price was a steal compared to the current price for newer 175s, especially the VOS model. I had a new 2016 that lasted about month and I sold it for almost double what I just paid for my '89. I know that's far afield from the OP, which was about neck dimensions. On my '89 175, the first fret is .822, which might be on the thin side for some, but is perfect for me.
  2. Greetings. I've got an 1989 ES-175 on the way to me to try out. I'm getting it from the original owner who says he never changed the PUPs. Therefore, I'm assuming they will be the Bill Lawrence "circuit board" pups from the late-80s. I found a photo online of the ES-175 ad in the 1989 Gibson catalog. The specs list "1 R-4; 1 L-6 Humbucking Pickup" (see pic below). Was R-4 and L-6 the model number that Gibson gave to the Lawrence CB pups? Thanks much.
  3. Greetings, Does anyone know which humbuckers came stock in ES-175s from 1988-1990? I assume this is a bit too late for the Tim Shaws, but I'm not sure which ones came next. I assume they're Alnico II. Anyone know? Thanks much.
  4. Very helpful! Thank you!
  5. That's helpful and my belief as well - that it's more of a rounded C than a slim taper (which I cannot play without getting hand cramps). Thanks!
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