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  1. I'm having trouble finding what the difference between these two is. Is it thickness? Or does one gradually get slimmer down the neck? Is there a chart somewhere which shows both of these in cutaway view side-by-side?
  2. I am in the market for a J45. I love the round neck shape (like on a SJ200). I love the round neck shape on the J45 studio. The J45 standard is not as good, but is still better than the typical modern Martin and Taylor necks. Anybody have experience with the J45 Vintage (2019)? I'm wondering if someone has played all these guitars and could describe the different feel between them, maybe ranking from the thickest to the thinnest. I just don't have any access to try the Vintage anywhere near where I live.
  3. Any experience with the J45 studio? I'm a bit intrigued by it, based on the price, but haven't found one in-store to try yet.
  4. I really like the J45 - tried a few in store. I especially like the rosewood J45 because it is so different from my Taylor 314. But do you all have any suggestions since I am totally new to Gibson acoustic? J45? Rosewood or hog? Would hog be too redundant since the Taylor is basically hog with spruce top too? Hummer? Songwriter? I sing while playing....sometimes in a light rock band....some country and worship music too....sometimes I play alone while singing (weddings and such).
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