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    Working, paying the bills and playing music! I like writing songs too.

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  1. Hey! Just recently joined here because a few day ago I acquired a Korean (Samick) Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 made in 2001. I love the neck on this guitar! I'm used to Telecasters and this thing just seems to play itself! Anyway, the switch was wonky and while I was in there replacing that I converted it over to 50's wiring. It sounds just fine to me, in spite of the fact that many have said Epiphone humbuckers are muddy, overwound and generally useless. I'm getting useable tones in all three positions, which begs the question... What pickups are in this thing? They're your basic black humbuckers with "Epiphone" stamped onto the brass baseplate. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! Like you I enjoy taking less expensive guitars and making them play and sound great. Latest project is an Epi Les Paul Special 2. Idk how old it is or where it was made but I like the neck!
  3. Hey, it's good to be here! I'll start by saying I've been a Tele player for years. Then the other day I happened to buy a mixed lot of musical equipment for a great price (guitars, pa system, banjo, xylophone, etc.) Part of the lot was an older Epiphone Les Paul Special 2. It was rusty, musty and dusty, and I really wasn't expecting much out of it. It looked like it had never seen the inside of a gig bag, let alone a case. Anyway, I cleaned it up, put new strings on it and gave it a play. WOW! This thing has the most comfortable neck ever! It's amazing how much difference a little wider fretboard makes. I like the shorter scale too, and it's not heavy at all. I heard Les Pauls could be boat anchors but this thing is comfortable! The switch is wonky and right now I'm only getting sound out of the bridge pickup. I eq'd my amp for the guitar and played Comfortably Numb (both solo's). Good stuff! Definitely a fatter sound than I'm used to but the notes still had plenty of definition. I'm gonna hang onto this little guy! A new switch is going in there and I'm converting it to 50's wiring so I've got some work to do.I know one thing, I'm gonna have to try a bunch of these out and get a good one! I only regret I didn't play one sooner!
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