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  1. Thanks for your observation of the thin braces. I was expecting the guitar to feel heavier than it is. I'm looking for a ceramic saddle, but for now I have a bone saddle I'll try. My main guitar is a Santa Cruz TR, so this Hummingbird is definitely different! Thankfully the guitar strings were slacked for storage and there is little top deformation. Overall, there's not a nick or scratch anywhere - looks like my wife's uncle didn't go far in his learning/playing.
  2. Here's that virtually untouched early '68 Hummingbird. Notice the screws attaching the pickguard, belly-up bridge, gold Klusons, and the oval orange label. Original case.
  3. Hello Forum Just inherited a virtually unplayed '67 Hummingbird Natural from a relative of my wife. Luckily the strings were slacked on it and it was stored in a controlled environment. To say it looks like a new guitar would be an understatement. I'm having fun exploring the sound and feel of this mahogany/spruce guitar with a narrow nut. It's a bit different from my Santa Cruz Tony Rice, but I like the mid-frequency emphasis and the blended sound. I'll stick with my Tony Rice for lead flatpicking, but this 'Bird is fun.
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