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  1. Well haven’t taken it to anyone yet but further inspection found this. I’m sue everything is repairable but looks like quite involved.
  2. I’m located in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia. If you know of anyone trustworthy that would be great.
  3. I have a Taylor 12e for learning. This Gibson is way to rough and is going to need an overhaul I’m sure. It does have the x bracing but looks to have been worked on already. The clear coat is cracked like crazy. Is the black tape cloth normal?
  4. I’ve even stuck my phone in sound hole but find no markings. That’s what has me puzzled.
  5. I’m learning guitar and when the word got around to family this was pulled from step grandparents attic. I cannot find a serial number nor any markings of any kind. It’s in rough shape for sure but if real I would be interested in restoring. Could someone direct me in a direction or squash the idea. Thanks.
  6. Wanted to get my first post out before I start inquiring about old guitar. I started learning guitar the beginning of summer and I’ve waited until I’m turning 50 to start learning . LOL
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