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  1. Thank you everyone for putting my mind at ease!!
  2. Hello all, I recently purchased a lightly used 2018 Gibson Standard SG on Reverb. Upon inspection, I see that there is an extreme defect with the nut/binding. In the pictures I have attached, you can see that the binding extends into the nut slot and consequently, the nut was crookedly cut and glued to the binding. I have never seen anything like this. Additionally, it looks like there is red paint on some of the binding. When I messaged the seller, he became very defensive and explained that the nut/binding issue could easily be repaired (which I doubt). He also stated that the red paint/staining on the fretboard is from the case and is very common. Can anyone shed any light on this? Iā€™m afraid the guitar may be a fake, although all of the electronics say Gibson and it came with a gibson case, a photo of the guitar from what I presume is the factory, and a Gibson multi tool. It also came with all the paperwork including the manual, warranty card, and factory checklist. Im at a loss for what to do šŸ˜•
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