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  1. Got it! Thank you very much! thank you all for your time and support, all the best
  2. that's what I thought too, but hesitated... ...and came to this forum now it looks like they do save ink, time and trying to boost sales creating mystery, confusion and rumors 🤠 I'll post later pics of COA of mine, to compare to this COA which I found on net
  3. It came out very interesting and educational! at least for me! thank you all since not only my guitar got ES 55 and so on, but another as well and you confirmed that it is common 'code' to write ES 55 instead of ES 355... guess no reason to call Gibson asking why NOT TO CODE the most important part in paperwork it is like code peoples last names.. ..or BW instead of BMW the number at the end may be stands for US, however I made purchase in Canada (my 5C) actually, I though it made to Canada because mistake in paperwork, LoL the guitar is amazing
  4. hi again! thank you all What I found seems like for unreasonable reason Gibson did it not just to me https://reverb.com/ca/item/7589981-gibson-memphis-es-355-walnut-maestro-vos-varitone-antique-walnut-limited-edition-w-hardshell-case-serial-13187701 mine is just like this one Gibson, WHY??? saving time? saving ink? creating confusion to boost sales? what the
  5. I have no experience dealing directly with Gibson company, what is the sure way, in my case? please I have receipt from store where I purchased this guitar, in addition to pictures, communication is not my best skill
  6. The 2018 ES-355 Walnut Maestro is a stunning instrument featuring modern design enhancements for premium reliability and playability. Modern features include hand-wired MTC Premiere wiring harness with a newly designed mono Varitone, MHS humbucking pickups, bone nut and a weight relieved maple Centerblock.Details• 3-ply Maple/Poplar/Maple Top and Back• Weight Relieved Maple Centerblock• Quarter Sawn Adirondack Spruce Bracing• Multi-ply Binding• Quarter Sawn Mahogany Neck• Rounded C Neck Profile w/Rolled Binding• Dark Rosewood Fingerboard• Mother of Pearl Full Block Inlays• Bone Nut• 1.687" Nut
  7. thank you! my ES 335 on paper ES55, it is hand-written... ..I'll post here a picture, it is gotta be a mistake... or they made my first 'signature model' LoL
  8. i see (i guess coz only 100 was made) i will contact gibson, i'm worried mistake was made in paperwork thank you! cheers
  9. hi, 2018 ES 335 Walnut VOS w/Maestro Ltd owners and Gibson reps! please post here picture of inside of included 'passport' (or certificate, whatever is proper term) please just want to make sure mine is correct, (don't need your's serial number, you can cover NUMBERS if you suspect stealing) thank you in advance!
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