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  1. There is no strip of plastic between the batteries. In E Sonic 2 HD there are 2 AAA batteries. I have already received the response from Gibson/Epiphone service: only when you plug in the cable the preamp turns on.
  2. I have recently bought Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500 MCE, fantastic sound, plays like butter etc. It has installed Preamp E Sonic 2 HD. I cannot find manual for this version anywhere (even on Shadow Electronics website there is only E Sonic 2 (not HD). I have one question: does your built in tuner work only if the guitar is plugged in? I have also electro-acoustic Fender with Fishman preamp and it works with plug and without it. I barely use mu guitar with amp so actually tuner is not available for me. If there is on/off tuner button it does not cause increased use of battery. Strange thing...
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