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  1. Thanks guys. Really enjoying new guitar apart from makeup mirror pick guard. That’s just got to go !
  2. Right so update for anyone who is interested. Gibson Europe have been fantastic all the way through this experience. They sent me a choice of several replacement guitars to choose from but they were all dot and I wanted the same as mine. In the end I chose a Gibson Memphis high performance 2018 in black. I know I know a controversial choice. The limited reviews are not brilliant but I have several old Gibson’s and wanted one with modern features. It doesn’t have G force on it but has all other features inc adjustable titanium nut and split coil function etc. I believe they only made 500 worldwide and I like the fact it’s a little different and not the run of the mill. It arrived this afternoon and I’ve just had my first play. It came perfectly set up and in tune out of the box and plays like a dream. The tone is fantastic. It would be interesting to hear what others think about the high performance. Go on you won’t hurt my feelings one thing I will be doing is changing the mirrored scratchplate for a black one ( already ordered )
  3. They have a limited lifetime warranty providing you bought new from authorised dealer Gibson have already collected guitar and told me they will sort it out
  4. Guitar is in studio which is humidity controlled. Not near any rads or other heat source. Temp is fairly constant 20 degrees. I have read a few posts stating some 335 s are prone to this. Luthier said it’s just one of those things. Necks have never completely settled until guitar is around 5 years old. His words not mine. Be very interesting to see what Gibson do but up to now they have been fabulous.
  5. Hi guys just after a little info. I bought a Es 335 two and a half years a go. Took it to my luthier based in Leeds for set up recently. He phoned me a day later to say the neck was really badly twisted and he was unable to work on guitar. I went to pick it up and you could see the bends. The fret board was all over the place. To cut a long story short I phoned Gibson Europe who have collected the guitar for inspection. The guitar has never been dropped or gigged or even out of the house prior to going to luthier. What do you guys think Gibson will do ? Will they replace or repair? How long will I be without guitar ? thxx guys. Any info appreciated
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