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  1. Hello everyone. I don’t have a Gibson yet, but maybe someday. I have several guitars now, including a Epiphone EJ200. I love the tone but I have to do a little fret board leveling on it. I have been playing since grandma taught me G-C and D when I was about 8-10 years old and I’m 72 now. I am still just playing for my own satisfaction and never before a crowd because I just never got good enough. That’s who I am, if we ever talk. Lol
  2. I have been searching for a stock tortoise shell white flower pick guard for my EJ200. I have searched for a while but can’t locate one. The pick guards I find are made of a thick, soft celluloid material which deadens the tone of the guitar. Any idea where I might find a nice, thin, hard plastic replacement pick guard for my EJ200?
  3. I am searching for a stock replacement tortoise shell white flower pick guard for my EJ200. It seems all replacements I can find are gold flower and made of thick celluloid material. I tried one and there is a noticeable deadening of tone. Any idea where I might find a thin plastic like the originals?
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