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  1. Holy mackerel, that is a beautiful guitar! I love the finish... and I am sure it sounds even better...! i appreciate your reply. I think I will follow your lead and have my guitar tech string it with the Gibson vintage pure nickel .11’s, and make the proper adjustments. After a few months of playing this instrument strung with .10’s, it feels/sounds like it could benefit from slightly heavier strings. Thanks, again, for continuing this discussion... and sharing the pics of your 336! I really love everything about this guitar, and enjoy hearing from others who share the same feeling.
  2. Hey, thanks everyone! There is some great insight here... just what I was looking for! Think I will adjust to .10’s for now... and try pure nickel strings. It’s a great instrument, a joy to pick up and play every day. Many sounds, with very articulate variations . Lovin it!
  3. Thank you! Pictures don’t do the instrument justice. It really is a thing of beauty, and when you consider the time and craftsmanship that went into it, it’s pretty special, I think. ive been playing it for a week or so... and really have had no issues with it falling out of tune. As the instrument warms up from holding it and playing, minor adjustment in tuning can be made, but really is just very sweet to play. I thought I might have issue with the stock kluson tuners, but they actually work very well, have no play, and are very sensitive to adjustment. Sound wise, it is very
  4. thank you for your reply! And thanks for those pics! They are beeeautiful!! may I ask your choice of string manufacturers and gauge? stock pick ups on both? this is a pic of the 2018 I recently acquired.
  5. hello everyone. curious. new acquisition of a beautiful cs-336 to the body of guitars. very pleased... as the fit, feel and sound are uniquely different from my other gibson models. came strung with .10's, which i am not used to playing. any experience with equipping this guitar with .11's, possibly flat wounds... presuming that adjustments will be made for increased tension? thanks for your replies!
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