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  1. Looking at a 2008 335 Custom Shop. Anyone have thought on these? I heard some of the 339's coming out of Memphis at this time were kinda rough / finish wise.
  2. Hello All, Long time reader.. I used to have an ES 335 that I loved dearly, but sadly sold and now really realize what I missed by selling it off. Duh!! I'm thinking it was a mid 90's maybe early 90's. I bought it in 2000-2001 Here are a few images of the same pic. The case was light brown and had a deep purple-ish pink "fur-lined" interior. The thing rang like a bell!! And I miss it dearly. I have bought a few Epiphone "Dots" in hopes to replace it, but they had none of the sound. Even my wife was like, "it has a very sweet sound to it". I have files / songs I can also upload if it would help. What year / model / detail can you all give me on this? Thanks!!!! ..ok. This site doesn't want me to upload an image. What are alternative options?
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