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  1. I got a reply from Gibson. Very fast reply. It’s a 2018 ’59 ES-335 Kalamazoo historic reissue model which was built in Memphis .
  2. Thanks. They must’ve abandoned the numbering convention of A-MYRRR, or perhaps for this serial number run they’re using “0” to denote a particular batch of 1959 historical, i.e. A-09YRR. Its anyone’s guess, perhaps. I’ve emailed Gibson.
  3. I’ve come across a burst glossy ES-335 being sold as a 2018, 1959 Custom Shop guitar. The serial number is a A09xxx, and the A09 confuses me. Can anyone lend help identifying its provenance? Thank you.
  4. Newbie question. I was surfing around Reverb and came across a listing for a used item that is "Historic Burst VOS" in Mint condition. In the photos, look the hardware (tailpiece, bridge, and pup covers) look significantly tarnished and mottled. It this just a trait of the photo, or does VOS also denote this look of hardware?
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