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  1. Thanks for the replies. Has anyone upgraded their 356's? I'm one of those that usually strips their guitar and starts doing the aftermarket upgrades. I'm a huge fan of upgrading the pots/caps and nut. I have a few questions for you guys. Stock nut, corian or nylon? Are the bushings steel or a compensated material? **You can use a magnet to find out** If you upgraded your electronics, how much of a pain is it due to the limited access?
  2. Besides the obvious hardware and inlay differences? How do these really compare to each other? I've always been a fan of rosewood boards (336), but does the ebony board (356) make a true 'tonal' difference? I would love a CS-356 based off looks alone, but that gold has to go. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, what music store?
  4. I have a Gibson 'TKL' Historic case that I am unsure what guitar what would fit in the case. I originally bought it for a Chet Atkins SST, but finally got the SST back and just doesn't fit. Can anyone please let me know what Gibson guitar fits in this case. Dimensions: 40 1/2" Long 10 5/8' Upper bout 13 3/4" Lower bout 3 1/2" Thickness (from top/bottom lid)
  5. I recently acquired an early model Gibson Chet Atkins SST. I am looking to swap out the current stock UST pickup. Any recommendations for what manufacturer (i.e. LR Baggs, K&K etc.) has the warmest, acoustic UST pickup out there? I already have a SST with an upgraded Fishman Matrix Natural II, so thought I try something different this time around. Any recommedations would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I've taken the guitar to two Chicago luthiers, Third Coast Guitar and Cremer Guitar Works. Both have said the guitar is perfectly set-up and there is no need to replace the nut. They said the problem lies within the bridge. Is it possible to have a defect in the Callaham ABR-1 bridge? If you could please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time
  7. I tried the capo the idea (great idea, by the way) and it still buzzed. So problem lies in the bridge. I called a local Chicago luthier and was told it's either the inotation screw being loose or saddle not correctly slotted for my guitar. I'm going to stop by that luthier tomorrow and get the final verdict. P.S. Its unbelievable the 'service' you forum members give. I posted the same thread on TheGearPage with the same results. You forum members are better than some of the local luthiers by me. So, thank you everyone.
  8. Hey Gibson Forum, I had a bone nut installed along with a GraphTech NVS bridge for my Les Paul. I was fortunate enough to upgrade to a Callahan ABR-1 bridge. Since installation of the new bridge, I noticed the 'G'-string sounds (to my ear) flat compared to the other strings. It is perfectly in-tune according to a chromatic tuner, but just doesn't ring or sound in-tune. I also noticed that I'm getting slight buzz from that string, also. Do you guys think I may need to replace the nut to accommodate the new bridge?
  9. You're right rosewood is much nore prevalent than mahogany. A part of me really, really wants to restore the guitar, but price and time is the downfall of the restoration. I was quoted $400 to do the back and sides of the guitar, possibly along with neck and headstock and would be gone for up to 4 months. Otherwise, another luthier quoted me $450-550 for the same job and would take 2-3 months.
  10. I have an early model Gibson Chet Atkins SST. I noticed the finish looks alot different now then when I first got the guitar. I called Gibson about the problem and they said it's the wood filler seperating itself from the finish. As you can see from the pictures, it's the little 'white, wavy' lines. Has anyone else experienced this problem with their Gibson, both with their electric or acoustic? Has anyone tried to get their guitar refinished to correct the problem? Any pictures would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I currently own a Les Paul Standard Premium Plus. I am doing a complete overall and upgrading the hardware on the guitar along with other various parts. The only aftermarket upgrade I am unsure on buying is the stopbar tailpiece. Does anyone have any recommendations for this final piece of the guitar?
  12. So my friend purchased a 2010 Gibson Melody Maker. He pretty much wants it to be 'the' electric for his needs. Does anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket upgrades for his guitar? I completely gutted my Les Paul Standard Premium Plus, but that was after months of forum recommendations. I'm not too familiar with aftermarket upgrades regarding a Melody Maker. Can anyone please help?
  13. Hi, I was going to upgrade the CTS pots in my Les Paul Standard Premium Plus. I currently have the guitar wired as Jimmy Page's #1 Les Paul (current; one push/pull). I was going to try a different luthier this time, so I am going to need the diagram again. I got the original diagram from StewMac. If anyone has the diagram they can email it to S.Heaney@mymail.sxu.edu. Thanks
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