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  1. Hello, i think i forgot the translation. I said that here in France we see a lot of LP or SG type, but not of this model S 300 with this head. I renovated it and I used a paint according to the internal traces (green, blue). I am now less of a musician and more of a collector. Thanks for your info.
  2. En effet , trés bonne impression pour cet instrument ,( ici on a énormément de type LP ou SG ). Cette guitare S 300 avec cette poupée est introuvable !
  3. Thank you Robin Hood for your response! This instrument has an excellent quality of vintage sound with its three singles.
  4. Good morning all, New on the forum, I will need info on this guitar which I just finished restoring. Here is what I have. - Strat type - 1 piece maple neck -3 single microphones - 5-way switch - Matsumoku explorer style head with "Epiphone" inlay -weight 3, 850 Kg -Number: 5121663 (December 85, 1663 ex). This model seems difficult (with this type of head)? Thank you for your information ! * If the value is minimal, it is not important, I find this guitar nifty, in any case I had a lot of work.☺️ Excuse my language, I use the translator my translation, I come from FRANCE
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