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  1. WOW!! This guitar is 100 times better than I thought it was. I only found out about push/pull controls until this week when I was looking at the specs for the Epiphone ES339 Pro so I was surprised when I got my LP100 out and pulled the controls (I've had the guitar from new since 2015). "I've had them all the time". Now, thanks to your reply JDGM, I realise it has a connection to my other LP. My other LP is a 2013 Standard Gary Moore Signature and, if you know the history of the guitar, it has reversed poll pickups which makes them out of phase. And now I find out that my LP100 can also have out of phase pickups. Thanks for the info and I have started a new love affair with this beautiful guitar.
  2. Thanks Twang, just what I wanted to hear. Another quick question for you. On my LP Standard 100 I have the pull up/push down volume controls. Very useful for switching between twin and single poles but the tone controls are also pull up/push down. What effect does this have on the sound?
  3. Hi all, I am Tony from Cornwall, England. I have played guitars all my life and have 7 guitars of different types. 2 Gibson Les Pauls, 1 Strat, Eko 12 string acoustic, Yamaha 6 string acoustic, Yamaha 4 string bass and an Ibansez 5 string fretless bass. My fav guitar is the Gibson LP Standard 100th anniversary which has a Taper Slim Asymmetrical neck profile. I am looking to get an Epiphone ES339 PRO which has a Taper Slim 'D' profile. Can someone tell me what the difference is? My other LP is a 2013 Gary Moore Signature with a 50's profile neck, and I just can't get on with that neck. I hope the ES339 has a neck I can get on with. I look forward to your replies.
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