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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I know I can pick up a new black ES-355 new from GC but would be interested in a true Custom Shop for less.
  2. HI I am going to look at what is being sold as a 2011 ES-335 with P90's. The seller has a certificate of authenticity and a Gibson custom shop case. There are no stickers in any pictures referencing the Custom shop and there is no headstock picture showing the S/N. The certificate is a booklet and has 2 lines. The first line I believe is the model number or features/ that number is HB074m. The serial identified on the certificate is 12971732. There is no mention of a CS on the certificate serial number. What does the model tell me and what should I look for to verify this is not a base ES335 built in October 2011? Thanks owner of a 2018 Gibson LP Standard and a 1984 Gibson Sonex Deluxe.
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