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  1. Hi everyone, I’m new to the Gibson forum and this is my first post. i have a historic collection hummingbird 2005, i bought from a guy who looked after it well, he kept them humidified with planet waves and i have continue doing so, the action was nice and sounded amazing. I have been moving around this year and the temperature has not been regulated, its been cold. after leaving it in the case between November through till January the action has raised to 3mm. Originally it was 2mm, i took it to a guitar store where they lowered the saddle as there was no more movement on the truss rod as it was turned clockwise fully. It has an action of 2.5 mm now. I would like it back to original height but there still is hardly any more movement on the truss rod. after reading all about humidity and wet/dry guitars i am wondering how it changed the action so drastically. I have a digital humidifier that read 55% in the case, so my question is because the hummingbird was cold does it need re humidifying or humidifying, i have read that the cold will dry guitar a guitar so that mean it need to be hydrated but my gauge reads 55% so surely that means it is borderline over humidified thanks
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