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  1. I really appreciate everyone’s advice. I think I can get this guitar for around $250 as it is at a local auction where it gets no traffic at all. I do think there is a small bit of warping near the bridge and I think that may be why it cracked. So I’m assuming if I can get it between $250-$300 it would be well worth it even if having to have some repairs done? It’s a beautiful guitar and I really appreciate everyone’s time on helping. The neck appears straight to the naked eye. And there is obvious crackling in the finish and the bridge is cracked. I can’t even believe I didn’t think to look behind the sticker. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello, I was looking to buy this guitar and I have questions around if it is real or not. I only see one marking on the inside but I do not see a serial number anywhere. Do you guys think this is real or fake? I would love to hear your thoughts before investing money into it. I know it does have some damage on the bridge and some wear. The guitar does appear to be straight on the neck but I think it has some light warping where the bridge is. Also the finish has crackling. If this is real do you think it’s worth getting? Unsure repair costs on something like that. Would love some help. Thank you so much for your time.
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