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  1. I’ve been checking the Gibson custom Les Paul and it seems most of not all the custom guitars are out of stock. Please forgive me if this is obvious or well known but I was just trying to figure out when you can actually order a custom Les Paul from Gibson?
  2. I talked to someone where I bought it from and they said they’d have no problem replacing it with a new one, if they had a new one in stock. Apparently they are supposed to get more at the end of the month but the rep told me that they can’t guarantee they will receive the new ones they ordered from Gibson because sometimes apparently Gibson will just cancel a guitar model and not fulfill the order. I was quite annoyed/upset that there isn’t even a guarantee that they will receive more guitars that they ordered from Gibson. I have no problem waiting but I would be really upset if I could never get the same exact model I purchased originally. I am not a fan of the gold hardware, I prefer the nickel hardware and white binding.
  3. So last week I received my first and brand new Gibson Limited Run Custom Shop Les Paul Electric Guitar (with Case), Ebony (with Nickel Hardware). I can’t tell you all how happy I was to finally be able to afford the guitar I’ve wanted for so long. I have been so busy with work and life that I just now today finally opened the case to look at the guitar. Everything looked amazing until I looked at the bottom of the guitar at the strap button. I was missing a chunk of paint around the strap button!!! It’s so bad I can see down to bare wood. The worst part is, the site I got it from said they are completely out of stock and they have no idea if/when they will be receiving any new ones in. Has anyone else had an issue like this? If so, what did you end up doing about it?
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