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  1. I heard the brown ones are being phased out for a black one.
  2. I have had great service from Gibson’s Support.
  3. I have the Dunlop neck rest and Nomad mat. I used the mat to make sure the work surface was large enough. The wife said the finish she applied should be dry enough to use now. Plans are to do some work on a LP Studio I've been meaning to get to this coming weekend! .
  4. I know your pain. It was so tedious getting the legs even. I finally did it sitting on top of another table so the surface beneath it was level.
  5. Thanks all; Pam said she should have it all done by the end of this weekend, can't wait to see how it comes out!
  6. I contacted Gibson Customer Service and they were able to provide me this email: Thanks for contacting Gibson Brands. Your serial number was used on a 2005 Les Paul Standard Faded model which had satin honeyburst finish, nickel hardware, ‘50’s round profile mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, mahogany body with carved maple top and Burstbucker Pro humbucking pick-ups.
  7. After 20+ years, I finally got tired of setting up guitars and basses on the Kitchen Island, and decided to try and build a bench for my guitar loft. So after a trip to Home Depot last Friday for some lumber, wood screws, and sand paper, I spent the weekend building it. Now that I've got it assembled, the wife is taking over to stain and poly it. Hopefully I can move it up to the loft next weekend!
  8. I used a 2-prong attack on them. I spread the ant barrier 6 feet out from the foundation and watered that in and then also set up the Terro Ant Baits. For the ultimate, you could always tent the house and let loose the cyanide bomb. That will exterminate everything in it.
  9. I've got the MXR also and am pretty happy with it.
  10. Or we might see it show up on Gibson's Reverb Shop.
  11. I'm lucky I caught them early when they started on my garage!
  12. Don't care, whatever is cold.
  13. Hopefully I don't get the one you returned! 😉
  14. It's not the same as the Gibson Exclusives. It's an exclusive line that CME came up with and is working with Andertons who are handling European sales. I recently placed one on order myself that includes the T-Top pickups.
  15. I have one Costa Rica case and it’s so heavy, it feels like there’s a guitar in there even when empty! The quality seems good though.
  16. Yup, she loves guitars and has never stopped me from buying just 1 more 😊
  17. I’ve been using that same honey now for about 20 years on my rosewood boards. Always gives a great result!
  18. Okay we can scratch this. Gibson updated the website to say you can only get it from Gibson.
  19. Is there any word on the street yet as to when we might start seeing these at the dealers?
  20. I’ve got a Fender Jazz Bass, a Gibson Les Paul Double Cut, and a Mitchell.
  21. Never had the chance to visit there.
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