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  1. I figured it was time to put the Les Paul DC I got at the beginning of this virus away and bring out my old Les Paul Standard. Well after opening the case, and getting ready to tune, I saw how ratty the strings were looking and decided to replace them with a new set of DRs. Well, after getting the strings off, I saw how rough the fret board was looking and set about cleaning and conditioning it. After that, I decided the frets could sure use a polishing. With that done, it was apparent that everything could use a good polishing. Next it was time to finally put on those new strings, only to discover the tuner for the bass side E string was worn out, so now it's time to logon to Sweetwater for a new set of Gibson tuners. Maybe I should have just left the DC on the stand.
  2. I picked up both a DC bass in brown and a DC guitar in blue when they went on sale and love them both!
  3. I kept thinking the Fretboard looked really dry and figured it was a good time to condition it. Made a big difference as seen in the before and after photo.
  4. I can't believe how light it is!
  5. Always wanted a Firebird and really loved the Pelham Blue!
  6. Time to move them out for the new stock!
  7. I decided to go with the same one you got for the Bass and just placed it on order. I wound up getting a brown Gibson case for the Guitar.
  8. So far I'm really happy with the P90 pups. I'm also really surprised they are virtually hum free, although I do have an occasional pop.
  9. Yes you can do it online on Gibson's website. https://www.gibson.com/Support/Warranty-Registration
  10. CME worked with Gibson to bring these to market, so the reason for their exclusive to these TV yellow and white special editions.
  11. You can get them from CME in TV yellow, but you will have to pay full price: https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/listing/gibson-usa-les-paul-junior-tribute-dc-worn-tv-yellow-wtortoise-pickguard-cme-exclusive/29536501 https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/listing/gibson-usa-les-paul-special-tribute-dc-worn-tv-yellow-wtortoise-pickguard-cme-exclusive/29536502
  12. Well that sounds really interesting! After putting in 21 years with the Navy, I retired and started working with General Dynamics. Considering retiring next year to do something fun, but on my terms!
  13. Left for the Navy through Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn in '78 and never moved back.
  14. I'm originally from the Yonkers area myself.
  15. I take it you like the blue stain. The new Gibson case for mine was just dropped off by UPS!
  16. Looks like there is a new neck is in your future! I wonder if Gibson would take it on as a challenge?
  17. Realmongo

    Bill chris

    Looks like you have one of the ones where Gibson tried using decals vice the silk screening method. They dropped the decals when the customer base was not happy with the product. You can order a replacement decal.
  18. You're right, this one looks almost black, but the back of the neck is much lighter. I wanted a chance to play around with the P90 Pups. Plus it's much lighter than my LP Standard.
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