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  1. Hello to everybody, I am Chris from Germany and I don´t have any guitars. But I was in the lucky position to buy a Gibson ETU-1 electric tenor Ukulele. I ask in an Ukulele Forum, but nobody can tell something about this Gibson, so I try to get Informations from this special Gibson forum. So it is hard to get informations about vintage ukes here in germany. I am looking for this model at different internet pages, and alway get the same information: - bulid between 1949-1953 - so it is the beginning of electric instruments - only 88 were made! I can´t believe, that only 88 were made. I ask directly at Gibson, but they can´t answer. Is this a true fact, or is this a "copy and paste" information, which goes around? So, when only 88 were made, how is it possible to get one? I found two or three Advertisements (around 2500$). And what about the ETU-3? And I read something about a vintage concert size gibson electric Ukulele. So what do you think about this special electric uke? Are the informations true? Is there a serious source for the number of 88? And a important question is, which strings where originally on this Uke and which I can use (because there are normal Nylgut Aquilla on, but the Pick Up (I think a P90??) needs metal? steel strings? - I feel unconfortable with it because of the tension. Are there something like nylon/metal hybrid strings? Thanks to everybody who can help. Best regards to everybody
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