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  1. I've found its pretty guitar specific and how you store them. My jackson i clean every string change and oil maybe once every couple years (25 or so years no issues), but it's in the case and temperature controlled etc. My dean requires a lot more often (once every few months) but it's my beater guitar and stays out in the living room all year round. The gibson i found came really dry, it thirsted for some oil but it seems to be holding it really well, Higher quality wood usually does retain better (Jackson above). You should know by the feel and look how dry it is, and it may just be preference but i like a well kept clean/ oiled neck.
  2. Spot on, truss adjustment fixed it! Loosened her up a little then gave her a slight tighten and the action came down enough that I got to heighten the bridge. Of course now there’s a little truss rattle. 🤦‍♂️
  3. 1) I had the same problem, should be able to oil them up, I removed the strings and slapped new ones on there because for the price a pack it's worth it 2) depends on how tight they cut them, mine were too tight to reuse with the lock 3) yep 4) I assume you're talking about the sticker on the back bottom panel, I don't believe the modern has it (some models do). At least I don't see it on the photos on sweetwater/GC close up shots. Unless I'm misinterpreting which sticker you're talking about. 5) Congrats!
  4. Oh I agree, I don't *want* fret buzz, I just like knowing it's achievable which it should be on any decent guitar (as well as the ability to get out of it). I'll play around with the truss this weekend with my nephew who is a pro guitar tech and see if I can get the bridge up a little with tightening the truss. If it comes up and everything adjusts back to expected then all the worry is for nothing I suppose. If it doesn't... that'll be a different story and a conversation with Gibson. I have a hard time swallowing a 2k+ purchase on a guitar and having a core component be so off the mark. Sincere, I appreciate all the feedback! PS: My *guess* is that Gibson shipped her with 10s. I requested 9s which GC reset it up for but never adjusted the truss they just lowered the bridge. But that's just a guess.
  5. Did you find that after you had a bit of room on the bridge wheels for adjustment after adjusting the truss? I'm sincerely hoping that's the case with mine, just tighten her up a little (get her a little more flat) and then have to raise the bridge to remove buzz. Just a little disappointed she came that way, although I have little to complain about she still plays beautifully.
  6. Hey all, just picked up a les paul trad pro v during the guitar center sale on pres day weekend. Question for those out there a bit more familiar. The tune o matic on the high e is tweaked all the way down to the body, the low e has some movement left to it. The action is fine 2/32 high e, 3/32 low e. Intonation is great, and the fret relief seems fine as well (Albeit a tiny bit high). My concern is that the high e side on the bridge can't be tweaked any further even if I wanted to, to my understanding it should have room enough to go down to get fret buzz but i can't even. Live with it? Take it back to the dealer? Advice?
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