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  1. Hi All Posted this last week on mylespaul forum! After a long search I finally found it! First I wanted a Blue Berry Burst, but it was shop soiled with lots of swirls, broke my heart and was to expensive to import one from Japan. Then I placed an order at the local guitar shop for a Slash Les Paul in Vermilion Burst, they are on back order apparently. Any-who I went to the shop to get some new strings for the Epiphone and there she was calling out my name.... After that I totally forgot about the vermilion Burst LP Many thanks to my Wife its an early birthday present one that is truly appreciated!!! She rocks! Case is made in Canada
  2. Hey Man Did you eventually do it ? And what pickups did you go for ?
  3. Thank you Sir, its proving to be a challenge to obtain the 2019 Standard. But let's see hopefully I can pull something off
  4. Hi Guys Nice forum! I am in the market for Gibson Les Paul, and two guitars have caught my eye, 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Blueberry Burst on Ebay needs to ship to my country. And also considering a Gibson Les Paul Slash Vermillion Burst which a local shop is bringing in around 3 months from now. The Slash has a 50s profile vs the Blue Berry burst which has a slim taper profile..... think either will suit me fine, currently using a Epiphone Les Standard Pro - HCS Anyways hoping to land either of them soon and be part of the club. Cheers for now
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