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  1. I think the TRC is original to the guitar. Just had it checked out by a professional and it plays great so it looks like I have a new gift for my brother the musician. Thanks everybody!
  2. It's a Epiphone Korina Flying V. Hello everybody. Does anyone know what the Gibson plate attached here means?
  3. Why does it have a Gibson plate attached near the top? Thanks everyone. I guess I got caveat emptored on this one. Live and learn.
  4. Years ago at a Hurricane Katrina benefit (2005?) at the Soho House in NYC I purchased at auction, a Epiphone Gibson Flying V which was supposedly concert used and signed by Lenny Kravitz, donated by his manager, guitar flown to NYC right after the show. 15 years later and no longer drunk and full of generosity I wonder if I got the real thing on my hands or maybe I was the one being played, and not the guitar. The guitar looks used, covered in sweat and scratches but the signature looks janky. Maybe it was used by him but signed by the manager. If there is some way I can get a better ide
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