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  1. hi, i havent had a chance to try that specifically, but i think i do get a more balanced and controllable sound between the two pickups if i work from a lower start point, ie 7-8 rather than having either set to 10
  2. Hello, new to the forum, hoping someone can advise me, I've had a little search but not much came up. I've owned an sg bass for a number of years, still a very average player but enjoy it! There are some peculiarities with the tone and volume knobs though. Firstly neither tone knob seems to alter the sound much at all. Secondly, when just 1 pickup is selected (either) the volume knobs seem to work fine, however in the middle position (both pick ups,) above about 9 on either volume knob there is a noticed jump in level of the relative pickup and then adjusting the other pick up volum
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